The Amel Arctic expedition welcomes and encourages organisations, companies and private people to become a sponsors. We would like to offer two ways of becoming a sponsor:

  1. Place Your adverts on our ship, everywhere we go people will see it, our expedition will travel around half of the globe!
  2. Book a date and You will gain opportunity to sail together with us in Luxury cabins on brand new famous Amel 55 yacht, see yourself take a 360° virtual tour.

Dear organisations and business owners,

Our expedition is willing to raise some funds for our long trip. We are willing to offer Your company some nice and juicy positions on our yacht:

  1. Sails – big and nice position, very well seen from all sides
  2. On the bottom of the ship, we offer lots of places for Your company LOGO

See more visual information below!

For more information please contact our marketing department in Lithuania:

Amel Arctic project manager:

Maksim Misevich

Tel.: +370 647 77 77 0