We offer private double bed Lux with meal and non alcohol beverages included during all trip on board of our yacht.

You will receive unique opportunity to try yourself as a Captain of the yacht and gain experience in yacht piloting, learn lots of interesting stuff about ocean, explore beautiful sunny beaches, discover unique sights and delicious yacht meal! Our expedition starts in Europe in France, La Rochelle coast, book now and You will gain opportunity to see most beautiful Europe shores.

After trip You will receive an Amel Arctic expedition certificate!

Price: 500 € per room / day (1 or 2 person).

Amel Arctic expedition present You exclusive opportunity to travel hundreds miles through European and Arctic regions on one of the most luxury Yachts in the world. Dive into amazing feelings of beautiful ambience of sea, coasts and beaches. We will stop by in all destination cities and places to spend some time around, take some adventure there and jump on the ship again! Lifetime opportunity occurs now! Don’t miss it!

Here You can take a virtual tour inside our Yacht: 360° virtual tour

If You want to participate in Arctic expedition You have to book the date in advance, we sell dates, but not the destinations, due to it’s hard to predict where exactly we will be. Our captain recommends to buy not less than one week long trip.

For more information please contact our marketing department in Lithuania:

Amel Arctic project manager:

Maksim Misevich

Tel.: +370 647 77 77 0

E-mail: amelarctic@gmail.com

Here are some photos of our Yacht

Here are some photos of the destination places